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Update for June 24, 2007
    Added nine new ships in the Star Wars sections, under two new races/factions. Added five ships under the Corporate Sector Authority, and four under the Hapes Consortium.
Update for February 17, 2007
    Added Ships of the Hyperion Cantos by Faisent to the Resource section (under the Babylon 5 Ship Control Sheet section). Includes 16 Ouster Swarm ships, a half dozen FORCE ships from the Hegemony of Man, and two Templar Treeships. Also in the same section have added Darieth's original Wing Commander conversion, with the additional Border Worlds ships from WC:IV as done by Heiko Whisper.
Update for August 30, 2006
    Added Loronar Strike Cruiser, Loronar Assault Cruiser, TIE Vanguard, and Imperial Star Galleon to Star Wars - Empire section. Updated Acclamator-A and Acclamator -B starships in Old Republic section to correct error in weaponry - should only have 1 Assault Concussion Launcher, representing the 4 missile tubes, not 4 separate launchers. Updated Victory-I and Victory-II Star Destroyers for parsing on hit locations, and correct engine and thrust ratings.
Update for June 27, 2006
    Added forty ships over the last two weeks to the Star Wars section under the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire sections.
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