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Last Updated April 20, 2005

The Circasian Empire had spent the past century building their empire with the blood of their enemies, creating a vast space empire fueled by slave labor and propelled by violence. The Courata Imperium unified the worlds surrounding their homeworld through a tempered melding of diplomacy, nobility, and iron-fisted rule.

When the Circasians and Courata finally met in 2005 it set in motion a series of events that inevitably lead the two empires to war. A series of conflicts spanning decades ensued between the two powers and their subject races. In the end these wars--the Escalation Wars--would decide the fate of the two empires and the future of the entirety of known space.

Empire Rising  
Empire Rising: A History of the Chouka War

Empire Rising details the early conflicts of the Circasian Empire, including their war against the Chouka that led to the rise of their empire to power in known space. This unofficial supplement for the Babylon 5 Wars game system includes information for several new races and raider factions and over 160 new ships! Included in this supplement are:

  • The Circasians: An upstart race, the Circasians have struggled to take their place in the galactic community. Utilizing less advanced technologies, the Circasian miltary has been tempered by several trials by fire.
  • The Chouka: A race of methane-breathing religious zealots, the Chouka wanted little to do with the outside world before their war with the Circasians. The Chouka's large warships double as executive couriers and transports for the ruling religious elite.
  • The Sshel'ath: An unusual race of fibric aliens who have the ability to partially rearrange their body structures. The Sshel'ath operate an extensive suite of laser weapons and missiles, as well as maintaining one of the largest orbital satellite networks in known space.
  • The Raiders: The Chouka Raiders, Unsheathed Claw, and Blood Swords were the most powerful raider adversaries the Circasians had during their raider wars. Relive the frontier battles between the Circasian patrol fleets and the opportunistic raider forces!
  • The Civilians: Civilian units are included for several neighboring powers, including the ak-Tai, Solassi, Ghotekhen, Thaline, and Novon.
Empiring Rising Supplement - 1.33 MB
Circasian Ships - 1.34 MB
Chouka Ships - 1.30 MB
Sshel'ath Ships - 1.43 MB
Raider Ships - 1.14 MB
Civilian Ships - 612 KB
Miscellaneous (map, counters, breaching pods) - 1.27 MB

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