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The destiny of a nation is not always manifest. However, some nations do have a destiny among the stars. Such was the destiny of the Bintari. Stretching their hand forth from their homeworld in a slow tide of exploration, the Bintari proved that it was their destiny to dominate their region of space. Through trials of fire and sorrow, the Bintari conquered their enemies and their fears to become the undisputed superpower among nations.

The Bintari/K'Thonn Saga is the detailing of a roleplaying/campaign universe which was played out for about three months in early 1999. The universe primarily focused upon the expansion and growth of the Bintari Federation, but the painful history and future of the K'Thonn Hierarchy was also a central element of the universe's story.

The campaign spanned the years from the building of the Bintari's first extra-solar scout ships (2032) until the end of the K'Thonn/Nyglum War in 2068. During this time many unique, interesting races were discovered and many epic battles and mysteries were confronted. The K'Thonn Rebellion, the Great Crusade, and the K'Thonn/Nyglum War were the three major events that transpired during the 36 year period covered by the campaign.

For the purpose of organization, the history of the Bintari/K'Thonn universe is detailed in two distinct sections. The first covers the time period between 2032 and 2055 and details the Bintari's early expansion, discovery of the mysterious nebula, and the start and resolution of the K'Thonn Rebellion. The second period, from 2056 to 2068, was a time of great changes when the destinies of many of the races were realized; the Bintari under First Citizen Calill launched the Great Crusade into the nebula in search of the Ancients while the K'Thonn cemented their power among the stars while also sealing the fate of the Nyglum.

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