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Babylon 5 Wars Links
Babylon 5 Wars Forums
The major website that appeared out of nowhere, the Babylon 5 Wars Forums have become one of the major places to meet and discuss topics related to the Babylon 5 Wars product lines. A great source for information, converstation, and a few laughs, the official Babylon 5 Wars forums are a favorite destination for many players.
Babylon 5 Wars Repository
A site hosting many Babylon 5 Wars related fan resources, including new ships, maps, and more. This site has many great features and will be adding more as time goes on I'm sure.
A bi-monthly publication by fans of the Babylon 5 Wars game system. Babcom includes information and content for Babylon 5 Wars, Fleet Action, and GROPOS game systems.
Babylon 5 Wars Crossovers
Specializing in crossover implementations of current B5 conversions, the source of the Dune conversion, as well as sections on Hyperion novels by Dan Simmons, the Prequel Star Wars movies, Battletech, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and more!
Ben Rubery's Star Wars Conversion
A Yahoo Group containing information and SCS for Ben Rubery's extensive Star Wars conversions.
Battle Spoo
A wonderful website featuring detailed painting instructions and ship control sheets, including Battlestar Galactica ships and fighters so you, too, and flee the Cylon tyrrany. Todd has also added a section of Star Wars conversion, as well.
Farscape Conversions
Nerik's Farscape B5W conversions.
Variant's Rejects
Paul Brown's Variants Rejects page has been around for as long as there have been variants to reject! A listing of SCS of variants rejected from the AOG Variants submission contests and their related information. Also home to several informational and SCS design help tools.
Andromeda Conversions
B5W conversions of ships from Andromeda. Based heavily on the website technical notes available before the show aired.
Babylon 5 Campaign
The new continuation of the long running Babylon 5 Campaign, this website provides general information on the campaign rules, the players, and news releases pertaining to in-game events.
Dareith's B5Wars Site
Wing Commander ships for the Babylon 5 Wars game system.
Hyperion's Ships
A vast number of ships from Hyperion, many based on original and kitbashed miniatures.
John Purvis' Website
A site with pictures of excellently painted miniatures -- great for painting ideas.
Mike Walloch's Babylon 5 Wars Page
Contains various things, notably a new nation--the Aravaln Protectorate--and general variant recommendations.
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Babylon 5 Links
Official Babylon 5 Website
Warner Brothers' official Babylon 5 website has been recently overhauled as part of the marketing effort behind the release of Babylon 5 on DVD.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The biggest and best of the Babylon 5 fan sites. If you are a fan of Babylon 5 you should be sure read this site from 'cover-to-cover' (so to speak). A great reference site.
The Down Below Sound Archive
The biggest and best Babylon 5 sound site on the 'net, the Down Below Sound Archive has sound files for both Babylon 5 and Crusade. If you are looking for a particular sound, this is the place to go. As an aside, I find it interesting that this site is hosted from the University of Wyoming!
Babylon 5 Chronology
This website analyzes the prophecies and visions of the Babylon 5 universe and also attempts to pin the Babylon 5 universe down to known astronomical locations. A nice site.
Hyperspace: A Guide to the Ships of Babylon 5 and Crusade
Lars Joreteg's insights and opinions on the ships and technology of the Babylon 5 universe.
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Miscellaneous Links
Ex Astris Scientia
One of the premiere Star Trek web sites on the net, Ex Astris Scientia is a good resources for Star Trek ship related art and images.
Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator
Millennium Update & Archive
A very nice website with ship scans and information archived from the FASA Star Trek ship combat game. A very good resource for those looking for information about this out of print game.
Starship Schematic Database
Webpage dedicated to indexing and archiving lineart of ships from Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and Space Battleship Yamato. The Star Trek section is by far the most developed, and along with the vital information related to each lineart selection the author has also included a bibliography feature in order to determine where the ship comes from.
The Daystrom Institute Technical Library
A fairly comprehensive page that covers the technology and major battles of the Star Trek universe. Though some of the information on the page has been fabricated entirely by the author, each entry has an author's entry and color coding to illustrate what is canon and what is not--something you won't find on many other Star Trek fan sites!
The Pages of Now and Forever
Star Control is one of the best game universes out there. Star Control I & II both were entertaining, especially latter. Looking for information about these science fiction favorites is made easy by going to The Pages of Now and Forever. This site has tons of information, screen shots, and ship data from the games and serves as the hub of the still vital Star Control following.
3-D Starmaps
A good reference site, 3-D Starmaps has links to 3D star mapping programs and actual star chart data to use with them, plus many articles dealing with everything from stars in popular science fiction to what conditions would be simulate galactic empires in games.
Sci-Fi Art Shipyards
A page with some great CGI three-views for many Star Trek Federation starships. These images work great for the corners of B5W ship conversions!
The Space-Crime Continuum
A nice book/gaming store in Northampton, MA, The Space-Crime Continuum is a great place to buy Babylon 5 Wars gaming materials and other books. You will find no greater customer service than through Space-Crime.
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