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Last Updated February 28, 2005
Brakiri vs. Federation  
Brakiri Syndicate  vs  Federation

Played your Ships in a number of Fights last Friday against a Brakiri Player:

First Fight: ca. 3600 pts.
Brakiri: Kaliva Lance Cruiser, Scout (can't remember the name), Brokados w/ 2 Filghts Falkosi, Ikorta, Halik

Federation (me): Ambassador, 2 Excelsior, Constellation, 3 Miranda, Saber [an "Old School"-Fleet obviously]

The Fight was a slaughter!

Turn 1:
Fired 15 Torps against the Scout; 13 hit, average damage 18pts. Scout died in a biiig Fireball

Turn 2:
Brakiri return-fire: 2 Grac-Lances, 2 Hvy Laser, Grav Cannon on Ambassador. Federation turtles with one Point OEW on Kaliva. Ambassador (target) and 2 Mirandas (centerlined)fired on Kaliva with Bow blown off after the volley. Brakiri hit with one Laser and Grav Cannon. Lances misses (yippie!).

Turn 3:
Volley of 13 Torps against Ikorta, 2 (Ambassador) against Kaliva. Ikorta damaged, Kaliva destroyed (23 and 30 pzs of Torp damage in Primary Structure). Phaser Fire on Ikorta and one Flights of Falkosi (Saber as Fighter Killer). Killed 3 Fighters, Ikorta lost both Sides. Brakiri Fire destroyed forward Section of Ambassador. Brakiri opened Vortex.

Turn 4:
Brakiri retreat with all but Ikorta. This Ship was killed by in Turn 5.

Summary: Brakiri Player had bad dices. But without that, Brakiri Ships are no Match against Federation.

Second Fight:
Duel Ambassador against Avioki (both 725 pts)
Torps and Phaser damaged the Brakiri. First two Grav Beams misses (Shot on a 7 - hah!). Ambassador got only light damage on forward and port sides, but shreddered the Avioki.

O.K. Want to play the UFP against Earth Alliance and perhaps Narn in the next two weeks. But at even Odds the Brakiri have only slim chances against the StarFleet Ships. In Duels and Fleet Engagements.

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