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Last Updated February 28, 2005
Earth Alliance vs. Federation  
Earth Alliance vs  Federation

Played last week a 4.500 pts-battle against an EA-Player.

-1 Omega A w/ 2 Fligts Fury's and one fully loaded Flight T-Bolts.
-1 Saggitarius
-1 Olympus (Med Pulse+Rail Guns - Gamma?)
-1 Artemis Escort Frigate

-1 Ambassador
-2 Excelsior
-1 Constellation
-2 Miranda
-3 Saber

Used Sabers as Anti-Fighter vessels.

Turn 1:
Out of Range

Turn 2:
Fired 15 Torps at Saggi. Ambassador full DEW, Sabers targeting T-Bolts with full OEW. Saggi fired 6 Missiles at Saber (damned!). Five Missiles hit, but causes only minor damage. Starfurys on Anti-ballistic Mission and bad Luck: only 8 Torps. hit and destroyed the port side of the Saggi. Sabers destroyed three T-Bolts.

Turn 3:
Omega opened concentrated Fire (centerlined) on one Excelsior, which lost the Initiative: destroyed!

Turn 4:
Ambassador targeted by all EA-Ships and Fighters. Lost its Bow and Stern. My Ships fired at the Saggi, but again bad luck; I'd never rolled soooo many "1" for the damage roll: Fore side heavily damaged. Previously fired Torps destroyed nearly the Fore side of the Oly, but it wasn't enough (4 Structure remains).

Turn 5:
Ambassador further damaged, lost Shield Generator (oh no!), but survives, Constellation damaged. My Ships hold fire and recharged the Phasers.

Turn 6:
Ambassador retreats, other Ships tried to blow away the Oly, but missed with the majority of their shots. Aft side now heavily damaged, too.

Turn 7:
Agreed to end the battle (time was out).

One Excelsior destroyed, Ambassador escaped (a piece of junk), Constellation retreats, too. 2 Sabers light damaged. 1 Saber, 2 Mirandas, 1 Excelsior undamaged.

EA lost 3 T-Bolts and one Starfury, Saggitarius and Olympus heavily damaged, Artemis nearly untouched and Omega brand-new.

O.K. I've had a bad luck on the dice rolls this time, but despite this are the EA and serious Foe for UFP-Ships. The Interceptors and SPB- Batteries turn the dice roll in his favor AND reduces the damage by the torps. With Anti-Ballistic Support of Fighters and the heavy structure, the EA can survive much more hits than e.g. the Brakiri. In this case the point value is o.k., perhaps a minor increase is possible.

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