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Last Updated February 28, 2005
Klingon vs. Federation  
Klingon  vs  Federation

Kortos, son of Bern, brooded on the bridge of his massive flagship, the IKS Negh'Tor. Around him, a massive fleet of Klingon vessels was holding perfect formation, despite the fact that most of the ships were cloaked. He only had the core of his fleet with hm, including several aging K'tinga warcrusiers. The majority of his newer forces were staging a feint at a near-by Federation colony. This had drawn half of the defense force away from his primary target, and infiltrators would soon be disabling it's docking facility, trapping the remainder inside.

"Five minutes to target sir. Advanced elements report that they are in position and await your signal." his fleet officer report.

"Good... Sensors, do we a have a visual on the target?"

"Aye sir. On screen now". The viewscreen flickered and a magnified view of the massive Federation facility came up. Silhouetted against its bulk were a pair of Federation ships, an ancient Constellation class patrol cruiser and one of the modern Galaxy class command ships. "I'm also detecting a dozen enemy strike fighters sir. Comm chatter indicates main bay doors have failed as planned."

"We shall have to deal with these interlopers. They do not concern me greatly. Prepare to leave warp and decloak. All weapons batteries, target the ships first and then concentrate on the main facility. signal the support squadrons to engage. Today is a good day to die!"

Klingon Assault Group

1 Negh’Var Dreadnought (12 Shuttles)- 1250
-6 Quantum Torpedoes- 60
4 Vorcha Attack Cruisers- 3400
2 K’Shen Dreadnoughts- 1450
6 K’T’inga Battle Cruisers- 2640
12 D-12 Birds of Prey- 4200
Total 13000

Negh’Var with 4 D-12s in 1102
Vorchas around 1104/05
K’shen+3 K’Tingas around 1501/02
K’shen+3 K’Tingas around 0701/02
4 D-12s around 2121/2022
4 D-12s around 0122/0222
All ships speed 5

Federation Outpost

1 Starbase Class Heavy Outpost- 10000
24 Peregrine Bays- 120
24 Peregrine Strike Fighters- 1488
1 Galaxy Class Command Cruiser- 950
1 Constellation Class Patrol Cruiser- 425
Total 12983

Deployment: Starbase at 1130, 12 Peregrines aboard
Galaxy at 1027
Constellation at 1227
12 Peregrines at 1127/28
All ships speed 5

Two dozen Klingon warships decloaked, spraying torpedoes into space. barely had the torpedoes left the bays of the USS Ulysses and Chevase when the klingon misiiles slammed into them, crushing the shields and ripping the two ships apart. Their torpedoes rammed into the lead Vorcha cruiser, crushing it's shields and ripping off many of its heavy weapons and causing significant nose damage. A lacklustre firing sequence from the star base did some damage to the approaching D-12s.

With the massive Klingon fleet moving into range, the Peregrine squadrons rushed out, targeting the damaged Vorcha whose shields were still weak from the Federation's first volley. The D 12's, now streaming towards the fleet base, sprayed fire that taxed the stations shields. Return fire shattered the forward ships, and caused damage in other ships.

Then the Klingon fleet fired. Over a hundred disruptor beams cut through the shields like butter and raked accross the hull. One of the big piercing disruptors on the Negh'Tor cut into the central docking area and straight into the warp core of the USS Portent, an Ambassador class cruiser that hadn't managed to escape before the sabotage was complete. The ensuing breach destroyed 8 ships and caused major primary damage. A large area of the outer hull was carved up, leaving just twisted girders and burning wreckage.

The D-12s continued on their approach, turning at the last second to avoid the station. One wasn't as lucky. With drive systems failing, it was unable to turn and slammed through the shields and into the collapsing shields, followed by nearly thirty torpedoes. They slammed into the hull, carving off another section. Return fire slagged another pair of BoPs, as well as flinging torpedoes into the damged Vorcha, removing its nose. The fleet's light disruptors opened up on the Pregrines, destroying 4 of the little fighters and forcing another two to retreat.

The Klingon fire was weaker in turn 4, as most of the Klingon weapons were recharging. The station's reduced fire cut into the mauled Vorcha, ripping through it's warp core and vapourising the ship.

Another torpedo barrage was launched, this time supported by Heavy Disruptors. It had slowed down, preparing to break around the station. The return fire, now less than half it's original capacity, cut into another Vorcha. The commander, knowing that he had no chance of victory, sent out the surrender and giving the order to abandon ship. Hundreds of escape pods burst away, only to be cut apart by bloodthirsty Klingon gunners. The starbase finally died when the Negh'Tor fired its two Mega disruptors into the main reactor, cutting the ship to pieces.

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