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Last Updated February 28, 2005
Klingon vs. Federation  
Klingon  vs  Federation

Somewhere in the Neutral Zone, two patrol battlegroups meet in deep space. Both sides are highly annoyed because of the infringement by the other into a section of space which doesn't even belong to them. After a few useless negotiations, the two infuriated sides decide to attack to defend their space, or at least some dust near their border.

United Federation of Planets - 2980 Jason (the other guy)
1x Excelsior Cruiser (CC)
1x Andor Missile Cruiser (CG)
3x Brenton Heavy Cruisers (CA)
3x Wilkerson Escort Destroyer (DE)

Klingon Empire - 3015 Paul (me)
1x D-10 Riskadh Heavy Battlecruiser
2x D-7 K't'mara Cruiser
2x D-4 D'ama Cruiser
3x L-6 Th'lar Escort Frigate

Rules in Use:
-secret EW
-declared fire
-floating map

To see fleet movements, go here: Battle Report Map

The fleets started in opposite corners, the Klingon Fleet at speed 6 and the Federation at speed 8. In the opening moments the D-10 and its escort D-7s opened up with their forward heavy photons, deciding their best chance at serious damage to concentrate on one of the Heavy Cruisers. All three photons strike the Brenton, ranging from 50 to 75 of the maximum damage. The Brenton looses its foreward section and takes some primary damage, in loosing its saucer the arrays of Intermediate Phasers is also lost.

The Federation moves into range with their torpedoes and open up with their foreward batteries, primary targets being the D-10 and one of the L-6s. The L-6 squadron is moving up to concentrate on some of the Destroyer Escorts and so the L-6 is easy pickings, taking about 15 torpedoes of various varieties. The foreward section shattering only moments before the primary disintegrates in fire. Several of the cruisers and Destroyers blind fire at a second Klingon Destroyer, hitting with a variety of phasers and destroying some of the foreward weaponary. The return fire is largely ineffective, many of the Assault Disruptors missing. The D-4s also miss with several disruptors, doing little more than reducing the foreward shields of another Wilkerson.

The Excelsior along with a Brenton and a Wilkerson concentrate on the D-10 which is bringing its aft torpedo to bear. Despite pivoting to bring its torpedo to bear, the Federation phaser fire brings down the rear shields and causes heavy aft damage. Including the destruction of the heavy photon and a severe hit to the reactor system, causing a critical power shortage (-8).

The Fleets converge and begin to seperate into smaller groups, additional photon fire hits a K't'mara foreward section, following phaser fire causes minor front damage. Much of the fire from Federation cruisers is inaccurate, and those that do hit are absorbed by ship shielding. In return, despite the Klingon's excellent manuevering by her cruisers, their point blank fire is completely off the mark with seven of eight medium disruptors missing a Heavy Cruiser. Disruptors from the D-10 produce better results, bringing down the shields on another Brenton.

With the Heavy Photons finally back on line, the Klingons lay down the law on two of the Federation Cruisers. A concentration of photon and disruptor fire smashes through the rear of the two Heavy Cruisers, destroying the aft sections of both. One previous damaged from photon fire is crippled and heads towards the perimeter of the battlefield. The other begins a slow turn to bring its foreward weapons back to bear on the enemy.

Another cloud of smaller photons converges on one of the D-7 Cruisers, damaging its rear quarters while other photon fire destroys the D-10's rear section and lays another crippling hit on the reactor. With serious power problems, the D-10 turns off her shields and several starboard Disruptors as it begins a wide turn back towards the enemy. A Destroyer Escort still hot on its tail. Additional photons remove the aft of the L-6, followed up by heavy phaser fire from the Excelsior that tears through its engine and cripples her.

The Destroyer is still hot on the tail of the mauled D-10, the Klingon cruisers converge on the pursuing Wilkerson, firing their disruptors while rear photons engage another destroyer. The Wilkerson's forward and aft shields both fall with several hits on the hull, shielding and warp drive. Another destroyer sustains the two photon hits as an escort swings onto its tail and hits it with a pair of Assault Disruptors. In return the L-6 is attacked by four seperate Federation ships, shields falling and pocketing the hull with fire.

The northern Wilkerson has lost her shields but continues on the tail of the D-10, hitting the ship with several medium phasors tearing through the primary section but not destroying her. The primary section nearly buckling under the heavy fire.

At this point in time . . . the battle came to an abrupt end.

Result: Probably Federation Victory

Notes: -Jason still doesnt like the torpedoes, wanting them to have range penalties like the Gaim Torpedoes or something.
-There was some confusion over shields, given the Hex setup it's impossible to give each shielding equal coverage. I'm not sure whether we did it the same the whole way but its not a big problem.
-The Federation seemed to be underpointed; the torpedoes certainly gave them an advantage of some degree. The Wilkerson might be better at around 300, as its a tough little ship and uses the medium combat fire control.
-On the whole is was a great deal of fun; love that oldschool star trek baby

---Ship Damage Reports---

D-10 Riskadh Heavy Battlecruiser
aft destroyed, disruptor#5 gone, primary structure has 3 left with 1/2 foreward structure destroyed. Sensors, reactor, generator, hangar all damaged or destroyed. Ship has a total of -16 power loss (heavy photon, sensors, 2 disruptors online); Shields INOPERATIVE

D-7 K't'mara Cruiser#1
untouched; Shields @ 64%

D-7 K't'mara Cruiser#2
3/5 aft structure destroyed, stbd warp heavy damage, shields 11,14 dam or destroyed, ldisruptor 10 damaged, heavy photon damaged, main thrust 2 boxes left; Shields @ 22%

D-4 D'ama Cruiser#1
untouched; Shields @ 100%

D-4 D'ama Cruiser#2
stbd warp destroyed; Shields @ 80%

L-6 Th'lar Escort Frigate#1

L-6 Th'lar Escort Frigate#2
Aft destroyed, shield#7, engine, weapons 1,3,4 destroyed. Primary structure @7 damage, foreward at 25% damage, sensors reduced to 5. Shields @ 39%

L-6 Th'lar Escort Frigate#3
Foreward light disruptors destroyed, sensors, engine, generator, main thrust and foreward shield projector all damaged. Damaged to all sections, structure around 1/4 - 2/5s damage on each; Shields @ 50%


Excelsior Cruiser
untouched; Shields @ 100%

Andor Missile Cruiser
untouched; Shields @ 100%

Brenton Heavy Cruiser#1
Aft destroyed, foreward phaser destroyed, shields @ 21%

Brenton Heavy Cruiser#2
untouched; shields @ 100%

Brenton Heavy Cruiser#3
Foreward + Aft Sections destroyed, primary has 2 damage; Shields INOPERATIVE

Wilkerson Escort Destroyer#1
tractor beam, impulse thruster destroyed. Warp engine and primary structure with moderate damage; Shields @ 0%

Wilkerson Escort Destroyer#2
Shield projector#7 destroyed, minor structural damage; Shields @ 90%

Wilkerson Escort Destroyer#3
Aft shield, impulse drives and port warp all heavily damaged or destroyed. Primary structure @50% damage; Shields @ 5%

Closing Remarks:
I realise that a lot of the aforementioned ships are as of yet unavailable to the public at large. Rest assured that myself and Tyrel (mostly Tyrel) are working on an update which will be available sometime or other. There are a few things to be resolved first, such as In Service Dates.

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