Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Star Wars (Demiurge Edition)

Rebel Alliance  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
B-Wing Fighter Heavy Fighter 5 85 PDF v1
Mon Calamari MC80b Star Cruiser Capital Ship 5 2200 PDF v1
A-Wing Fighter Light Fighter 4 44 PDF v1
Mon Calamari MC80A Star Cruiser Capital Ship 4 2100 PDF v1
Rebel Assault Frigate Capital Ship 3 950 PDF v1
Mon Calamari MC40 Light Cruiser Heavy Combat Vessel 1 825 PDF v1
Mon Calamari MC80 Star Cruiser Capital Ship 1 2000 PDF v1
Quasar Fire Light Carrier Heavy Combat Vessel 1 400 PDF v1
Y-Wing Longprobe Scout Medium Fighter -5 52 PDF v1
Corellian Escort Corvette Light Combat Vessel -5 275 PDF v1
Corellian Gunship Light Combat Vessel -4 350 PDF v1
Rebel Bulk Carrier Capital Ship -3 570 PDF v1
Nebulon-B Frigate Heavy Combat Vessel -3 500 PDF v1
Mon Calamari MC30 Patrol Ship Light Combat Vessel -2 175 PDF v1
Galloway GR-75 Medium Transport Medium Ship -15 90 PDF v1
Corellian Corvette Light Combat Vessel -15 275 PDF v1
Y-Wing Fighter Medium Fighter -10 50 PDF v2
Mon Calamari MC45 Frigate Medium Ship -1 450 PDF v1
X-Wing Fighter Medium Fighter -1 70 PDF v3

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