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Last Updated February 28, 2005

Vulcan High Command


The Vulcans are a pacifistic race that treasure logic and knowledge above all else. Such has not always been the case, however, and the Vulcans have seen their fair share of war and strife. For the Vulcans, the battle between logic and passion continue to affect their society.

Founding members of the Federation, the Vulcans are the Humans seniors when it comes to space travel. Much of the technology the Federation would later develop, from deflector shields to phasers, owe a great deal to the Vulcan mastery of sciences in these areas.

Despite their status within Federation politics, the Vulcans remain highly aloof.


The Vulcans have operated impressive warships in their past, and as part of the Federation have been instrumental in developing and maintain the Federation Starfleet.

Few Vulcans join Starfleet, opting instead for the Vulcan science academies. Those few that do join more often than not rise to leadership positions quickly, a tribute to Vulcan intellectual discipline.

Many Federation starships operated by the Vulcans contain entirely Vulcan crews and it is doubtful this practice will ever subside.

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