Alien Races 

Last Updated February 28, 2005



All nations depend on commerce and trade to distribute wealth, move resources, and facilitate the transfer of ideas and culture across the stars. Some nations, such as the Federation, make less use of independent merchant craft than others due to social or economic reasons, but most of the galaxy still relies on the services of private merchant organizations for their transport needs. In fact, many of those hailing from the worlds of minor powers in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants have been able to make a name for themselves as traders, merchants, and privateers among the stars and accrue the wealth that would otherwise be denied them by a mundane life back home.

Just as commerce is a universal constant so is the dark art of piracy that is still practiced widely in the galaxy. Many raider organizations operate covertly, some even being sponsored by local governments. They prey on any ship -- military or civilian -- that falls into their ambushes, and they live off of their spoils.

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