Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Star Trek

Borg Collective  
  Ship Name
SCS Ver.
The Next Generation - 2345-2370 Aggressor Capital Ship 2369 3750 PDF v2
Date Unknown Tactical Cube Capital Ship n/a 5000 PDF v2
Date Unknown Probe Heavy Combat Vessel n/a 850 PDF v1
Date Unknown Scout Cube Light Combat Vessel n/a 300 PDF v1
Date Unknown Assimilator Capital Ship n/a 1350 PDF v1
Date Unknown Priority Transport Capital Ship n/a 480 PDF v1
Date Unknown Queen's Diamond Capital Ship n/a 2800 PDF v1
Date Unknown Unicomplex Enormous Base n/a 45000 PDF v1
Date Unknown Transwarp Hub Enormous Base n/a N/A PDF v1
Date Unknown Sphere Capital Ship n/a 1500 PDF v2
Date Unknown Tactical Sphere Capital Ship n/a 2000 PDF v1
Date Unknown Cube Enormous Unit n/a 10000 PDF v6

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