Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Star Wars (Demiurge Edition)

Confederacy of Independent Systems  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Geonosis Nantex Light Fighter Light Fighter -53 32 PDF v
Techno Union Hardcell Transport Medium Ship -40 145 PDF v1
Firespray Patrol Ship Super-Heavy Fighter -38 110 PDF v1
Commerce Guild Diamond Transport Cruiser Medium Ship -35 210 PDF v1
Trade Federation C-9979 Transport Light Combat Vessel -33 95 PDF v1
Trade Federation C-9990 Perimeter Patroller Light Combat Vessel -32 150 PDF v1
Trade Federation Battleship Enormous Unit -32 1225 PDF v2
Trade Federation Missile Frigate Medium Ship -32 320 PDF v1
Trade Federation Vulture Fighter Ultralight Fighter -32 18 PDF v2
Techno Union Hardcell Escort Medium Ship -30 295 PDF v1
Techno Union Mannkim-814 Interceptor Light Fighter -30 29 PDF v1
Trade Federation Droid Control Ship Enormous Unit -30 1600 PDF v3
Geonosian Corvette Medium Ship -25 305 PDF v1
Banking Clan Munifescent Communications Frigate Capital Ship -23 950 PDF v1
Techno Union Hardcell Gunship Medium Ship -22 320 PDF v1
Trade Federation Tri-Fighter Heavy Fighter -22 44 PDF v1
CIS Providence Destroyer-Carrier Capital Ship -19 1200 PDF v4
Trade Federation Vulture II Droid Fighter Ultralight Fighter -19 27 PDF v2
Belbullab-22 Strike Fighter Heavy Fighter -18 48 PDF v1
Commerce Guild Recuscant Light Destroyer Heavy Combat Vessel -15 580 PDF v1

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