Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Escalation Wars

E'chekri Empire  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Lov'asa Super Hunter-Killer Super-Heavy Fighter 1831 87 PDF v1
En'vasy Gunship Cruiser Capital Ship 1830 550 PDF v1
Rol'sa-II Improved Fighter Light Fighter 1829 30 PDF v1
Ikla'tesh Mobile Munition Pod Light Combat Vessel 1815 45 PDF v1
Ra'Tann Battleship Capital Ship 1812 1125 PDF v1
En'chel Probing Cruiser Heavy Combat Vessel 1808 475 PDF v1
Rash'tik Battle Tender Heavy Combat Vessel 1798 375 PDF v1
Rol'sa Light Fighter Light Fighter 1796 1796 PDF v1
Iesh'sa Interceptor Light Fighter 1784 25 PDF v1
Tho'chat Bomber Heavy Combat Vessel 1769 300 PDF v1

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