Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Escalation Wars

ak-Tai Republic  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Vahssa Attack Frigate Heavy Combat Vessel 2019 525 PDF v1
Da'norien Attack Frigate Medium Ship 2008 475 PDF v1
Rytasthe Accelerator Frigate Heavy Combat Vessel 1995 525 PDF v1
Rytarra Heavy Frigate Heavy Combat Vessel 1976 480 PDF v1
Hura Light Cruiser Heavy Combat Vessel 1972 460 PDF v1
Douachar Fleet Carrier Capital Ship 1964 480 PDF v1
Thor'usal Heavy Cruiser Capital Ship 1957 925 PDF v1
Lasal Strike Fighter Medium Fighter 1952 52 PDF v1
Lajafa Light Carrer Capital Ship 1823 450 PDF v1
Ulath Early Battlecruiser Capital Ship 1807 480 PDF v1

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