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Last Updated June 24, 2007

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Update for June 24, 2007
    Added nine new ships in the Star Wars sections, under two new races/factions. Added five ships under the Corporate Sector Authority, and four under the Hapes Consortium.
Update for February 17, 2007
    Added Ships of the Hyperion Cantos by Faisent to the Resource section (under the Babylon 5 Ship Control Sheet section). Includes 16 Ouster Swarm ships, a half dozen FORCE ships from the Hegemony of Man, and two Templar Treeships. Also in the same section have added Darieth's original Wing Commander conversion, with the additional Border Worlds ships from WC:IV as done by Heiko Whisper.
Update for August 30, 2006
    Added Loronar Strike Cruiser, Loronar Assault Cruiser, TIE Vanguard, and Imperial Star Galleon to Star Wars - Empire section. Updated Acclamator-A and Acclamator -B starships in Old Republic section to correct error in weaponry - should only have 1 Assault Concussion Launcher, representing the 4 missile tubes, not 4 separate launchers. Updated Victory-I and Victory-II Star Destroyers for parsing on hit locations, and correct engine and thrust ratings.
Update for June 27, 2006
    Added forty ships over the last two weeks to the Star Wars section under the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire sections.
Update for November 12, 2005
    Added 5 Naboo ships in the Old Republic faction of the Star Wars section. Changed some ship images in Star Wars section.
Update for November 7, 2005
    Added 3 new CIS ships, the Belbullab-22 Strike Fighter (General Greivous' fighter), the Geonosian Corvette, and the Commerce Guild Diamond Transport Cruiser. Added new race to the Crossover section, a group of smaller conversions of various scifi universes into B5 Wars format. The first entry here is the Draconis Empire from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, with Battlecruiser, and Looter, Hatchet and Marauder fighters. Also added CIS and Old Republic zip archives for easy downloading.
Update for October 29, 2005
    Add Star Wars prequel fleet of the Commonwealth of Independent Systems, 18 new ships altogeher. Also added 3 new Dune Wars ships.
Update for September 18, 2005
    Added the first part of Demiurge's Star Wars ships. Inspired by Ben Rubery's original Star Wars Development Yahoo group, these ships focus on the Clone Wars era vessels as shown in the Prequel Trilogy. You can find them in the Star Wars section under the Ships of the Fleet.
Update for March 25, 2005
    Six new Dune designs today, including the Ix fleet, a Bene Gesserit transport, and a Landsraad export fighter.
Update for March 22, 2005
    The trickle of Dune ships continues, including the new format.
Update for February 23, 2005
  • Added a half dozen Dune Wars ships, and finished the issue uploads to the Babcom archives. Will be updating the code in order to display the Babcom Attachments for the SCS in the not too distant future
Update for February 20, 2005
  • Added a slew of Courata ships to the database after receiving feedback on the Planetside forums.
Update for February 1, 2005
  • I haven't been keeping track of my updates very well here, and I must apologize for that! I will try to do better in the future.
  • I added a slew of Klingon ships that have been moldering on my hard drive since July. Most of them are from FASA's game system.
  • The Scenarios section was updated last month, and I will be working on the Resources section this month. Major changes are taking place behind the scenes in the database as I start getting some new features and functions ready to go.
Update for May 9, 2004
  • Finally added the Species 8472 ships to the website.
  • Added some playtest Xindi.
  • Added a mix of Breen, Federation, and Andorian vessels.
Update for April 26, 2004
  • Well, the trickle dried up -- blame the drought. But here is a few more ships I am letting out the flood gate!
  • The Novon, Lleskath, Ghotekhen, and Ilixtoxi all receive one new ship. The Ghotekhen and Ilixtoxi were added on this update. For info on the Ilixtoxi, check out their race info page.
  • Cardassian galore (pun intended)! Several new Cardassian vessels added to the database.
  • The Ferengi Brokta Gath Starbase was added, giving the Ferengi a much needed campaign unit.
Update for April 4, 2004
  • Added the 'Supplements' section to the website. I plan on listing all major supplements under this section so that they are easier to find. They will also still be listed on the Resources page.
  • Add Steve Cross and Renaud Gagne's "The Attarn Union" supplement to the page. Still have to PDF the Showdowns-11 book.
  • The Andorians gained several more ships, including a redone Shonn Warship.
  • The Borg Sphere and Tactical Sphere were added.
Update for January 18, 2004
  • The damage reduction over range of the Ferengi Light Plasmic Disruptor has been decreased from -2 per hex to -1 per hex. This is after debating the subject with Sebastian Seiml who pointed out that the Light Plasma Cannon to Light Plasmic Disruptor upgrade was actually more of a downgrade.
  • The lost Achilles Siege Cruiser was added to the page. The SCS and image were there before, but for some reason I didn't remember to add the ship entry.
  • Several new Federation designs from the Deep Space Nine Technical Manual have been added. Thanks go to Sebastian Seiml for putting together the ships.
  • The Tholians are now added! People can finally see what I did with those ships.
Update for December 14, 2003
  • Uploaded several new Federation designs by multiple authors.
  • Uploaded the Klingon K'vort Cha from the Dominion Wars game.
Update for November 26, 2003
  • Added a few Lleskath and ak-Tai fighters and carriers to the site.
Update for November 24, 2003
  • Sebastian Seiml pointed out that I had listed the incorrect intercept rating for the Light Disruptor when I did my last update. It should be -2, not -1. This has been corrected in the update.
Update for November 20, 2003
  • David Hannigan pointed out that the hit charts on the Borg Aggressor were incorrect. The Aft hits and separate Port and Starboard hits were not on the SCS. This has been corrected.
Update for November 19, 2003
  • Sebastian Seiml and his crew pointed out that the old Light Disruptor errors have crept back into the conversion. For the record, the Light Disruptor does 1d6+6 damage and has an intercept rating of -2. These were misreported on many Klingon, Romulan, and Breen units. They have been updated.
  • Added several Solassi and ak-Tai ships to the database.
  • Updated the Zha'Mortas. Playtesting showed that it need a shot in the arm and was not worth its prior point cost.
  • Added several other Star Trek ships.
Update for October 15, 2003
  • Added the updated Intrepid, based off of user feedback.
  • Added Steve & Renaud's "The Great War: Rebirth of the Orieni Empire" Babylon 5 Wars supplement to the site.
Update for September 27, 2003
  • Added several new Romulan and Klingon ships from the old FASA books.
  • Added playest ships for the Lleskath and Solassi.
  • The Federation Dreadnought have been changed to better reflect the Star Fleet Technical Manual depiction of the ship. In addition, the Federation Dreadnought Refit and fighter craft have been added to the Federation fleet. The fighters are from the Diane Carey novel "Dreadnought!" which featured the Federation.
  • Dave McClenaghan's name was misspelled on the Delta Flyer page and SCS. This has been corrected.
Update for September 13, 2003
  • Added several ships to the Babylon 5 section. Everyone should thank Don Balsley for the new ships, as it was his suggestion for adding a Vree torpedo fighter that spurred me to action, uploading several other ships that I had ready to put up.
  • Updated the SCS for the Vulcan Sh'ran Combat Cruiser. The ship loses two early photon torpedoes in order to maintain tech parity between the Vulcan and Klingon empires.
  • The point value for Deep Space Nine was reported incorrectly on the site. It is now fixed.
Update for September 11, 2003
  • Klingon ships from Enterprise have been updated to reflect changes to their stats.
  • Several loose Romulan and Klingon designs were posted to the databases. Most were generated from fan feedback and ideas.
  • Tim Sylvester and David McCleghan provided me with stats for the Delta Flyer, so I have added it to the site.
  • Added the Ship of the Month feature on the frontpage of the website. This section will hold the ships of the month before they get interned in the database.
  • Moved the web poll from the Announcements bar to the body section of the site to give it a little more room and make it higher profile.
Update for August 24, 2003
  • Added counters for the missing units. If any ships are still missing in counter form please let me know. Users will notice that many of the ships represented on the counter sheets are in fact NOT released yet. They are either in development or at least in the planning stages and will be released this fall.
Update for August 22, 2003
  • The point value of the Klingon Ro'Tahr was reported incorrectly. Ro'Tahrs should cost 162 points each, NOT 62.
  • The Federation Wambundu Heavy Cruiser incorrectly listed a 2262 refit, despite the ship not being available until 2328. This has been fixed
  • The Breen Tha Lak Attack Frigate still reported it was a Medium Ship on the SCS, when it is in fact an HCV. Both Breen frigates used to be Medium Ships until the decision came in to increase their size.
  • The Federation Polaris Attack Cruiser was missing a weapons datacard for its light phasers, and had stats for advanced photons torpedoes on the SCS despite the unit's lack of those weapons.
  • Several errors relating to numbering of weapons and systems on the Reman Scimitar have been corrected. The hangar has also been corrected so as to have the right number of hangar boxes.
  • Thanks to Marco and David Hannigan for pointing out these recent errors!
Update for August 21, 2003
  • Added the Krenim and Malon to the database, including the three Krenim units from the Voyager episode "The Year of Hell" and two Malon freighters.
Update for August 15, 2003
  • The Son'a have been added to the site. This includes the Son'a Battleship, Destroyer, Command Destroyer, Collector Ship, Heavy Survey Scout, and Shuttles. This should provide enough ships to make the Son'a a playable race in pick-up or campaign battles.
Update for August 14, 2003
  • Added several new Klingon ships from Enterprise. This includes the K'Taal (updated), D5, D5F, and Raptor.
  • Added several Federation designs covering the period between the Movies and TNG.
  • Version 2.5 of the Star Trek Rules Guide is now available!
  • Reman ships by Mike Marshall from Star Trek: Nemesis added.
  • Federation Timeships and rules by Epyon finally added.
Update for August 12, 2003
  • Added several Novon ships to the site for playtest. This includes two Novon motherships (old and new), one support ship, and one fighter.
Update for August 8, 2003
  • Updated the Borg Cube's description. Zero let me know that there was an error that stated 'in the 2360's and 2360's...'. This has now been fixed.
Update for July 5, 2003
  • The Star Trek B5W Conversion Rules Guide has been updated to v2.3. Included in the new rules set is some additional features relating to deflector shielding and a few general updates.
  • Empire Rising: A History of the Chouka War is now available. The 124 page supplement details the early Circasian wars. Units for the Escalation Wars races are currently located in zip files located on the Escalation Wars main page.
  • Added several new ships to the Star Trek races section that have been sitting on my hard drive the last month. This includes the NX War Cruiser from "The Expanse", a series of Andorian hulls, and several Breen ships.
  • Updated the Star Trek section to have a different icon for Enterprise era ships, as well as adding an unknown graphic for those with an unknown in-service date.
  • Fixed a bug on the Resources page that was displaying information incorrectly in multiple section groupings.
Update for June 13, 2003
  • Added this update field to provide more information on updates to this site.
  • Updated the Kylon Gaolli Gunship. The error on the sheet had been pointed out to me earlier, but I hadn't corrected the ship. The SCS now shows the correct name.
  • Readded the Romulan Phoenix Attack Cruiser from the old SNES Starfleet Academy game. It was not readded after the last update for some reason.
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