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Last Updated June 16, 2006
Executor Super Star Destroyer


Galactic Empire
Class Enormous Unit
Availability Restricted Deployment (10%)
In Service 2
Out of Service n/a
Source Empire Strikes Back
Author George Lucas
Last Updated June 16, 2006
Executor Super Star Destroyer
The Executor-class was the brainchild of Lira Wessex, the brilliant and ambitious engineer who already had the designs of the Venator-class and Imperator-class (later renamed Imperial-class) Star Destroyers to her credit. Following her work on the already-impressive Imperial-class, Wessex sought to improve on the design. Adhering to Kuat Drive Yards' philosophy of psychological effect in starship design, or "terror styling," she believed that the immense size of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was largely responsible for its ability to intimidate opponents. Working on that theory, she began designing a starship that would dwarf all her previous designs. Though KDY had designed and built extremely large warships in the past, such as the Mandator-class Star Dreadnought, the result obtained by Wessex was utterly gargantuan.

Emperor Palpatine authorized the construction of the first four Executor-class ships even before the Battle of Yavin, but the sudden and unanticipated destruction of the Death Star in that engagement (0 BBY) changed Wessex's production schedule completely. At the urging of Darth Vader, the Emperor ordered her to rush the new ships into production as quickly as possible, to compensate for the loss of the battle station. As certain segments of naval command may have anticipated, a new symbol of intimdation was needed, and as Wessex had believed, the Executor-class fit the need well.

Initially deemed militarily inefficient, the ships served to further the Imperial policy of fear set forth in the Tarkin Doctrine. While the ships of the Executor-class proved effective in driving fear into the hearts of the Rebel Alliance, they were disliked by much of the Admiralty, who preferred to field large numbers of smaller vessels over one larger one.

Still, the resulting weapons had a disproportionate effect on planetary systems morale even to their massive size.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Executor Super Star Destroyer - SCS
 Restricted Deployment (10%)
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Design Notes:
4 pages SCS. Ship carries 144 TIE fighters of various types, and 154 small vessels such as AT-AT barges, Stormtrooper Transports, and Lambda Shuttles.

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