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Last Updated November 8, 2005
V-19 Torrent Light Fighter


Old Republic
Class Light Fighter
Availability Unlimited Deployment
In Service -22
Out of Service n/a
Source Clone Wars
Author George Lucas
Last Updated November 8, 2005
V-19 Torrent Light Fighter
A light assault fighter, the V-19 Torrent was a popular choice among the Clone Pilots of the Grand Army of the Republic. While operational in prototype status during the first major battle of the war at Geonosis, it wasn't until later that the Clone Troopers became proficient in its use, delaying its major coming out party until the Battle of Muunilinst.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
V-19 Torrent Light Fighter - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
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Design Notes:
Later versions includinga Class 1 Hyperdrive, and with its airfols and repulsorlift abilities the Torrent was both atmospheric and capable of VTOL operations.

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