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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Fek'Lhr Strike Cruiser


Klingon Empire
Class Capital Ship
Availability Unlimited Deployment
In Service 2376
Out of Service n/a
Source Star Trek: Armada 2
Author Jon Letham & Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated November 25, 2002
Fek'Lhr Strike Cruiser

The Fek'Lhr Strike Cruiser was born from the reality of the Dominion War. One of the next generation of Klingon cruisers, the Fek'Lhr is a close relative of the Vor'Cha and her sister hulls. The most visibly different aspect of the Fek'Lhr is the large, elongated forward hammerhead in which much of the ship's heavy weaponry are housed.

The Fek'Lhr Strike Cruiser has firepower rivaling that of the Vor'Cha Attack Cruiser, most appreciably in its torpedo armament. The Fek'Lhr, however, was built even more for speed than for firepower. This ship is equipped with one of the most advanced engine systems in the Klingon navy, allowing it to be both faster and more maneuverable than any other Klingon cruiser in the fleet.

Typically, Fek'Lhr Strike Cruisers operate alone on the borders of the Klingon Empire where their speed and combat prowess are utilized for fast raids into enemy space to destroy key strategic targets.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Fek'Lhr Strike Cruiser - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
Fek'Lhr Polaron Cruiser - SCS
 Rare Variant
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Design Notes:

The ship was described as being fast and armed similarly to a Vor'Cha in most respects. I made this ship fairly balanced, and it has
a greater weakness than most of the Klingon designs in that it loses most of its weapons with the destruction of the forward

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