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Last Updated June 24, 2007
House Corrino Golden Lion Battlecruiser


House Corrino
Class Capital Ship
Availability Special Deployment
In Service 9903
Out of Service na
Source Dune
Author Christian Meador
Last Updated March 27, 2005
No Image Available
With only 3 of these magnificient ships in existence, the Golden Lions are the only true dreadnoughts in rhe Imperium. They could have turned the tide during the great Jihad if they had been utilized correctly, but the foresight of Maud'dib and overt acts of sabotage minimized their impact. When the Guild turned on the Emperor when they realized that Maud'dib had control of the spice the Battlecruisers sat idly in their moorings, lacking Guild transportation to bring them to battle.

A true vessel of war, this capital ship carries the heaviest Lasguns ever created, and bristled with railguns, missile defenses and rail interceptor arrays. Designed as a fleet flagship and intended as a space control ship, it carries four flights of fighters in addition to its overwhelming firepower for a ship of the Imperium, and proved a useful asset in space combat, interdiction, and planetary assault.

Known as Shaddam's folly, the three Golden Lions produced never saw actual combat. In large part this was due to bureaucratic wrangling, as there were many who opposed their creation. The Guild felt that the warship was too much a threat to their Heighliners in its mere existence, the Sardaukar feared a shift in dominance from their Legions to the Imperial Navy, and CHOAM resented the vast drain on imperial coffers it represented.

Still, they proved their worth during the Offerman uprising, when the appearance of a single battlecruiser caused a collapse in the rebel forces without a shot ever being fired.

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House Corrino Golden Lion Battlecruiser - SCS
 Special Deployment
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