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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Athsseka Battlecruiser


Gorn Alliance
Class Capital Ship
Availability Restricted Deployment (10%)
In Service 2306
Out of Service n/a
Source None
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated February 4, 2005
Athsseka Battlecruiser
The Athsseka Battlecruiser is a hybrid design, the result of a collaboration between the Defense and Patrol Fleet branches of the Alliance navy. The Athsseka Battlecruiser is a fast cruiser with the armament of a battleship, but lacking the structural reinforcement and shielding of some other comparable foreign starship classes. The class was the first to mount the heavy plasma driver, as well as the first to mount a combination of both the heavy plasma and particle drivers.

In battle, the Athsseka Battlecruiser was a potent offensive weapon. Despite its uncharacteristically weak superstructure (for a Gorn ship, anyway), the Athssekas were the equals of even the best ships fielded by foreign powers. More often than not, these ships were utilized as fleet command units. Gorn admirals admired its mobility, both in tactically and strategically.

The sole “failing” ascribed to the Athsseka Battlecruiser, and it is a matter of heated opinion, was the conspicuous omission of ranged ballistic weaponry. The ship is completely lacking torpedo weaponry of any kind. However, what the ship lacks in long-range firepower it more than makes up for in brutal, short-range mauling capabilities.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Athsseka Battlecruiser - SCS
 Restricted Deployment (10%)
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