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Last Updated June 24, 2007
D'deridex Advanced Warbird


Romulan Star Empire
Class Capital Ship
Availability Rare Variant
In Service 2367
Out of Service n/a
Source Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "The Die is Cast"
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated January 17, 2003
D'deridex Advanced Warbird

The Romulan Star Empire tried in the 2360's to develop several new technologies in order to keep step with their neighbors. The D'deridex Warbird was selected as one of the hulls on which to testbed many of these new weapons technologies. One such variant, the D'deridex Advanced Warbird, was established to mount the mega disruptor and disruption bolt, two new weapons system under development by the Romulan Empire.

Initial tests seemed promising, but little real-world battle information was collected on them. The Tal Shiar sent several in their attack fleet to the Founder's homeworld, but no survivors returned to tell of the ship's effectiveness against the Dominion forces. When the ships were called up to fight in the Dominion War they saw their first real battle, and that is the time when the navy realized that the ships were ineffectual at best. Suffering from rampant misfirings with the weapons, it was obvious to the Senate that the technologies were not yet ready for introduction to mass production units. The D'deridex Advanced Cruisers were kept in the fleet, though production remained very slow. Some merit was seen in the hull, especially for the heavy hitting ability of the mega disruptor.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
D'deridex Warbird - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
D'deridex Scout Warbird - SCS
 Rare Variant
D'deridex Advanced Warbird - SCS
 Rare Variant
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Design Notes:

A nice tech ship for the Romulans. More versatile than the standard D'deridex Warbird but with its
own failings, the ship is a trade off between the best of the best in bleeding edge tech and tried and true reliability.

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