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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Cornuta Heavy Cruiser


Ghotekhen Empire
Class Capital Ship
Availability Unlimited Deployment
In Service 1930
Out of Service n/a
Source War of the Seven Stars
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated April 26, 2004
Cornuta Heavy Cruiser
(Text to appear later)

This is the Ghotekhen heavy cruiser equivalent to the dreadnoughts used by other races. Because of the destruction wrought by the E'chekri during the Great War in the early 19th Century, the Ghotekhens were still lagging behind economically in the 20th Century. There is a good chance this ship will become Limited Availability 33% at a later date.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Cornuta Heavy Cruiser - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
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Design Notes:
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