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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Basalt Dreadnought


Tholian Assembly
Class Capital Ship
Availability Restricted Deployment (10%)
In Service 2112
Out of Service 2262
Source none
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated January 18, 2004
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The Basalt Dreadnought was one of the Tholian’s first dreadnought classes. Developed during the first decades of the 22nd Century, the Basalt represents the pinnacle of Tholian construction and weaponry from the time period. Heavy armor and strong particle weapons give the Basalt a competitive edge over its opponents.

Unlike many of their neighbors the Tholians did not adopt a policy of ‘gunboat diplomacy.’ Because of this the Tholians preferred to keep their largest and most powerful units, which included their Basalt Dreadnoughts, far from the fringe worlds of the Assembly. It was felt that defending the core Tholian colony worlds was more important than demonstrating their formidable strength to potential enemies. The Tholians did not wish to betray too much information about their defenses, either.

The development of phaser weapons degraded the importance of the Basalt within the Tholian fleet. The decision was made to upgrade the Basalt Dreadnough to the new phaser standard, but this refit did not provide a significant improvement in its combat abilities. The medium phaser, at the time the Tholian’s most powerful phaser weapon, did add much needed versatility to the hull; however, it was not capable of doling out the raw damage of the particle cannon, nor was it as accurate as that weapon.

The Granite Dreadnought eventually replaced the Basalt as the Tholian dreadnought class.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Basalt Dreadnought - SCS
 Restricted Deployment (10%)
Basalt Dreadnought (Refit) - SCS
 Common Variant
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