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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Cerbul Defense Satellites


Solassi Republic
Class OSAT
Availability Unlimited Deployment
In Service 1665
Out of Service 1764
Source The Death of Dreams, the Death of Hope
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated November 19, 2003
Cerbul Defense Satellites
The Cerbul Defense Satellite was a result of defense research conducted in the 1650’s. This larger breed of orbital satellite was meant to replace the aging Dashal Orbital Satellites currently in operations. The Cerbul was both larger and more heavily armed than the Dashal making it a better choice for taking down enemy capital ships. This increase in anti-cruiser firepower came at the cost of integrated point defense coverage. This lack of point defense ultimately restricted the deployment of the early Cerbul OSATs to satellite formations including older Dashal models. The Dashals could provide the needed defense from fighters while the Cerbuls confronted any warships.

A second Cerbul model, the Cerbul-II, was introduced in 1727 as part of a new defense initiative intended to upgrade the existing Solassi defense networks. This action was prompted by tensions along the Ghotekhen border, several intense skirmishes indicating that the Ghotekhen government could be preparing to make a play for the lucrative trade node of Qocatta.

The Cerbul-II traded the Cerbul’s light lasers for a pair of new protector point defense units. The Solassi had just developed these new point defense weapons and their installation on Solassi defense platforms was intended to act as part of the new technology’s performance testing. The protector point defense gave the Cerbul much needed integrated point defense capabilities, allowing it to intercept incoming ballistics and fighters.

The Cerbul Defense Satellites, all of which had been upgraded to the Cerbul-II standard, saw combat during the Ghotekhen/Solassi War of the 1740’s. The aging satellites were overshadowed by the newer defense platforms erected at the outer worlds but they served their purpose, defending the Solassi border holdings from Ghotekhen attacks.

After the war the Cerbuls were slowly removed from service. The last phalanx of Cerbul OSATs was decommissioned at Courna in 1764.

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Cerbul Defense Satellites - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
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