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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Shenna Strike Carrier


Circasian Empire
Class Heavy Combat Vessel
Availability Limited Availability (33%)
In Service 1953
Out of Service n/a
Source Empire Rising
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated September 27, 2003
Shenna Strike Carrier
Developed alongside the Xandar Lancer Frigate, the Shenna Strike Carrier is the second vessel to mount the particle lance. The Circasian War Council had determined that a new carrier design was needed to replace older Circasian carriers currently in service. Additionally, it was decided that any new carrier would have to be able to hold its own in battle.

The Shenna is equipped with two particle lances. Unlike with particle lance used by the Xandar, the entire particle lance assembly is integrated into the Shenna's hull. Fielding three flights of fighters, the Shenna could provide suitable fighter cover for small Circasian fleets.

Unfortunately for the Circasians, the corporation whose shipyards were contracted to produce the Shenna Strike Carrier faced financial decline following the completion of the last batch of Xandar Lancer Frigates ordered by the Circasian Empire. They had underbid on the project, and although the Shenna contract proved lucrative (albeit short lives), they could not make up for the losses incurred in the production of the Xandars. They would later recover, but few more Shennas would be produced, keeping the class rare in Circasian service.

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Shenna Strike Carrier - SCS
 Limited Availability (33%)
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