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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Federation Dreadnought


United Federation of Planets
Class Capital Ship
Availability Restricted Deployment (10%)
In Service 2260
Out of Service n/a
Source Dreadnought!; Star Trek Tech Manual (Franz Joseph)
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated September 27, 2003
Federation Dreadnought

One of the most controversy ships in all of Starfleet history, the Federation-class Dreadnought was designed as the Federation's first purely military warship design. The ship was a marvel of its time, able to take on any enemy starship and win. The ship was lauded by the military brass and attacked by the diplomatic corps.

When rogue elements of the Federation attempted to steal one of the Federation dreadnoughts for use in a military coup the sword fell and the program was officially disbanded, the Federation dreadnoughts mothballed. It would take nearly another 100 years before the Federation beauracrats would open their eyes to the need for more militaristic ship design policies -- and it would take the Borg to show them the error in their ways.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Federation Dreadnought - SCS
 Restricted Deployment (10%)
Federation Dreadnought Refit - SCS
 Common Variant
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Design Notes:

From several different sources the same three-warp nacelled Constitution was shown, and a design similar showed up in the
TOS novel "Dreadnought!". This is an interpretation of what a slightly enlarged capital ship version of a Constitution armed to the
gills would look like.

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