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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Ukalth Strike Cruiser


Gaim Intelligence
Class Capital Ship
Availability Restricted Deployment (10%)
In Service 2260
Out of Service n/a
Source none
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated December 17, 2002
Ukalth Strike Cruiser

Following the Narn/Centauri War, many Narn and Centauri ships lay wrecked on the battlefields. The Narns attempted to salvage all of the hulks they could, but many times it was either not possible or they were driven off by Centauri patrol groups combing the wreckage.

A very small number of the G'Quan cruiser hulls left on the field were in above average condition, having been taken out by lucky hits that either shutdown the ship's reactor or destroyed their engines. Many of these ships were interned by the Centauri and kept in mothballs, but a few -- a very, very small number -- were sold to the Gaim who revelled in owning ships that had belonged to their enemies.

The modifications made to these units made them serviceable strike ships that could fight alongside Moas Gunships. Unfortunately for the Gaim, later pressures from other foreign governments in the Interstellar Alliance forced the Gaim to return the G'Quan cruisers to the Narn government.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Ukalth Strike Cruiser - SCS
 Restricted Deployment (10%)
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