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Last Updated June 24, 2007
Galileo Type Shuttle


United Federation of Planets
Class Shuttle
Availability Unlimited Deployment
In Service 2246
Out of Service 2272
Source Star Trek: The Original Series
Author Tyrel Lohr
Last Updated December 16, 2002
Galileo Type Shuttle

An early model Federation warp shuttle, the Galileo Type (so called because of the Galileo 7 that served onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701) was a very early model Federation shuttle optimized for duration rather than speed or combat. Able to only moderately defend itself, and only able to take light damage, a Galileo is ineffectual for anything other than its intended goal: to transport personnel and cargo from one destination to another.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
Galileo Type Shuttle - SCS
 Unlimited Deployment
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