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Last Updated June 24, 2007
K'mpec Heavy Cruiser


Klingon Empire
Class Capital Ship
Availability Limited Availability (33%)
In Service 2376
Out of Service n/a
Source Last Unicorn Games, Spacedock Klingon Ship Recognition Manual
Author Ben Rubery
Last Updated December 17, 2002
K'mpec Heavy Cruiser

The first K'mpec Heavy Cruiser began production in the last year of the Dominion War. Named after the late Klingon chancellor, the K'mpec had been in development for over a decade by the time the first space frame was laid down. The High Council wanted to eventually replace the Vor'Cha Attack Cruiser with this design, leaving the Negh'Var as a unique flagship for the Klingon navy. Production levels remain low, the Klingon Empire instead focusing on replacing their combat losses with tried and true warship hulls.

With a large increase in firepower, and a minor increase in its defensive capabilities, this ship is superior to the Vor'Cha in virtually every way. This ship however has a minimal amount of scientific facilities and support for missions like stellar cartography, following the usual Klingon preference of firepower on warships, and fitting out smaller frigates or birds of prey for exploratory or science missions.

The K'mpec Heavy Cruiser is considered Limited Availability 33% from 2376 - 2391. In battles set in 2392 onward the K'mpec is considered to be Unlimited Availability.

Ship Control Sheet(s):
K'mpec Heavy Cruiser - SCS
 Limited Availability (33%)
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Design Notes:

A general upgrade to the Vor'Cha hull. The K'mpec gives the Klingons a post-DS9 era heavy cruiser that is the equivalent
of the ships operated by the Federation or Romulans. It is interesting, too, to see what would have been considered a battleship
eighty years before being nothing more than a heavy cruiser in the modern era. Design by Ben Rubery.

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