Last Updated January 16, 2005
"Things to Come" - Tholians vs. Vulcans
"Things to Come" - Tholians vs. Vulcans
Keith Carpenter
Last Updated:
Sunday, January 16, 2005

During the exploration of unknown space by the crew of the SS Enterprise, a strange vessel was discovered that made use of advanced technologies. It was eventually discovered that this vessel was an observation craft from the future, and after several attempts by other species to acquire the craft the Enterprise decided to transfer the vessel to a Vulcan cruiser for transport back to Earth. Whilst under attack from Suliban vessels, the Enterprise made a mad dash across space to reach the Vulcan ship, unaware that they had problems of their own…

Tholian Forces
4 x Sliver Fast Frigates

Vulcan Forces
1 x D’Kyr Heavy Combat Cruiser

The Vulcan ship is waiting static in the centre of the board with all weapons armed so as to give the Suliban a warm reception. The Tholian vessels appear on the left of the map, speed 10, weapons and defences fully armed in formation of choice.

Special Rules
The Tholians do not want a war with the Vulcans, so they should only disable and not destroy the D’Kyr. A vessel is considered disabled if it is unable to manoeuvre, or if all weapons and impulse thrusters are disabled. Its warp drive must also be damaged.

Victory Conditions
A major victory is accomplished if the Vulcan ship is disabled. A minor victory occurs if it is destroyed or driven off. Both of these are dependant on a Tholian ship being mobile at the end.

A major victory is accomplished if the Tholians are driven off or disabled. A minor victory if the Tholians are all destroyed. The D’Kyr must be mobile at the end of the scenario.

Historical Result
The Vulcans suddenly came under attack by multiple Tholian vessels and were heavily damaged. When the Enterprise finally came out of warp, still under attack by the Suliban, they found the D’Kyr to be completely disabled. They also found a squadron of Tholian vessels. The Tholians and Suliban set upon each other, with the Tholians ultimately finishing victorious. The Enterprise crew had no option but to surrender the future vessels, but not before booby trapping it. However, before the Tholians could take the vessel it was retrieved by someone in the future.

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