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"Vengeance" - Terran vs. Klingon
"Vengeance" - Terran vs. Klingon
Keith Carpenter
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The year 2153 saw massive devestation strike Earth. Over a million casualties resulted from a seemingly unprovoked attack by a race known as the Xindi. Because of this, Starfleet recalled their most advanced starship back to Earth to be refitted as the first line of defence. Unfortunately, the SS Enterprise NX-01 was followed back by a Klingon bearing a grudge. The moment the Enterprise dropped out of warp, it was attacked.

Terran Forces
1 x NX Experimental Cruiser (SS Enterprise)
1 x Neptune Patrol Cruiser (SS Intrepid)
1 x Sweden Patrol Frigate

Klingon Forces
1 x Early Bird of Prey (IKS Vengeance)

NX Cruiser in centre of map, speed 3 heading to the left. On turn 1, the Early Bird of Prey drops out of warp as the Klingon player wishes, between 5 and 10 hexes away with weapons fully charged. NX Cruiser can not begin charging weapons or activate hull plating until after the IKS Vengeance has opened fire. This is a floating map. On turn six, the Neptune Cruiser and Sweden Frigate start on the far left row of the map. They head towards the Enterprise at speed 5 with weapons fully charged.

Special Rules
The Enterprise may not activate weapons or armour until they have been fired upon.
The Enterprise is considered crippled if a warp nacelle or her impulse thrusters have been destroyed, or if all forward weapons are disabled.
The IKS Vengeance will withdraw if all its weapons have been disabled, or if in immediate threat of being destroyed.

Victory Conditions
Have all vessels survive the attack, and drive off or destroy the Bird of Prey.

Destroying the Enterprise fully restores your honour with a major victory. Crippling it provides a minor victory, and the High Council will allow another opportunity to regain your honour.

Historical Outcome
When the Enterprise dropped out of warp, the bridge crew were so overwhelmed by the sight of Earth that they were unprepared for hostilities. As such, the Bird of Prey managed to get off several shots unhindered by either the Polarised hull plating or the Enterprise’s own weaponry. After the first pass, the Enterprise was stripped of her forward Phase Cannons, and her starboard nacelle was completely wrecked. Duras of the IKS Vengeance ordered the surrender of Captain Archer, and prepared to board. Unfortunately for him, Starfleet reinforcements arrived, disabling his forward disrupters and causing him to withdraw to fight another day.

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