Last Updated January 16, 2005
"Black Ops" - Federation vs. Klingon
"Black Ops" - Federation vs. Klingon
Keith Carpenter
Last Updated:
Tuesday, December 28, 2004

During a covert mission into Klingon space to record a Klingon military buildup, the USS Prometheus is detected and attacked by a small squadron of Birds of Prey. Due to computer problems, the crew of the Prometheus is unable to communicate with anyone (as if the Klingons would listen anyway!), nor are they able to initiate the multi-vector assault mode. To make matters worse, the warp drive has completely shut down, and it will take 10 turns to be fully charged for warp speed. Thus restricted, the Federation crew prepare to engage, as they can not allow the ship to fall into hostile hands.

Federation Forces
1 x Federation Prometheus Attack Frigate (USS Prometheus)

Klingon Forces
4 x B’rel Birds of Prey

USS Prometheus in centre of board, moving left to right, speed 5. Klingon Birds of Prey are in a formation of choice, no more than 3 hexes apart from each other, with none closer than 10 hexes to the USS Prometheus, all at speed 6. All vessels have all energy weapons fully charged, but only 1 torpedo loaded per tube.

Special Rules
Ramming is not allowed.
The Prometheus may not use its Multi-Vector Assault mode, but will be able to go to warp in ten turns.
The Prometheus is considered to be disabled if it is unable to accelerate or go to warp.

Victory Conditions
Escape from the Klingons.
A major victory would occur if the Prometheus could be disabled and thus captured intact. A minor victory would be to destroy the Federation spys.

Historical Results
The USS Prometheus managed to avoid significant damage and successfully returned news of the Klingon build-up to the Federation.

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