Last Updated January 16, 2005
"The Genesis Incident (Part 1)" - Federation vs. Klingon
"The Genesis Incident (Part 1)" - Federation vs. Klingon
Keith Carpenter
Last Updated:
Sunday, January 16, 2005

Following the creation of the Genesis planet, Starfleet sent the Science Vessel USS Grissom to investigate the formation of a new planet. Whilst their, the science team leant much important information, both about the life cycle of a planet, and the Genesis project. Unfortunately, the Klingons were also interested about the process. Whilst the Klingon High Council protested about this “Weapons Research,” a lone Klingon commander named Kruge took his Bird of Prey (later named HMS Bounty) into Federation space, with the hope of retrieving information on the process and thus gaining favour with the High Council. Upon reaching Genesis, Kruge locates the Grissom, and hopes to capture her crew…

Federation Forces
1x Oberth Science Vessel

Klingon Forces
1x B’rel class Bird of Prey

The topmost row of hexes is the surface of the Genesis Planet, whilst the next three rows are atmosphere. The Grissom is moving left to right three rows below the atmosphere, speed 1, with all weapons and shields lowered. The B’rel starts somewhere in the lower left corner of the board, cloaked at speed three.

Special Rules
No ramming. The Grissom may not raise shields, power weapons, or leave orbit until after the B’rel has decloaked.

Victory Conditions
A major victory is accomplished if the Grissom is unable to go to warp or fire its phasers.

A minor victory is accomplished if the Grissom is destroyed.

A major victory is accomplished if the B’rel is forced to withdraw or destroyed.

A minor victory is accomplished if the fight lasts longer than thirty turns (as the Enterprise is en-route).

Historical Outcome
Kruge detected the Grissom, and stealthily crept up into firing position. By jamming the communications, his position was inadvertently given away, but it was not enough for the Grissom’s crew. With a single shot, the Oberth class vessel was accidentally destroyed. For his error, Krudge’s weapons officer was executed immediately.

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