Last Updated January 16, 2005
"The Ashes of Eden" - Federation Mercenary vs. Klingon Mercenary
"The Ashes of Eden" - Federation Mercenary vs. Klingon Mercenary
Keith Carpenter
Last Updated:
Sunday, January 16, 2005

Following the decommissioning of the Enterprise, Captain Kirk retired. A member of the Chal government recruited him to be the core of their self-defense force, along with a vessel, a retired Enterprise saved from being a target ship. Following a refit, the Enterprise is confronted at Chal by a force of two Klingon Mercenary vessels and the USS Excelsior, all commanded by Starfleet’s new C&C, Admiral Drake. When it is revealed that Drake is part of the same conspiracy as Admiral Cartwright was, he takes one of the Klingon vessels in a slingshot manoeuvre around Chal’s binary suns. The Enterprise follows, and manages to knock the Klingon ship out of warp before it can travel back through time. With everyone’s plans in tatters, the fight commences.

Federation Mercenary
1x Constitution Refit Heavy Cruiser

Klingon Mercenary
1x K’T’inga Battlecruiser

On a floating map (up and down only!), the two vessels are in the middle of the map, twenty hexes apart. The Klingon is heading left, the Constitution heading right, both speed 1. All shields are raised and weapons armed. The far most left and right rows are the surfaces of Chal’s Binary suns. The fight occurs in the plasma drift between them.

Special Rules
No OEW. If any shield drops below 8 points for longer than one turn, then the vessel is destroyed. Every two turns, each shield has its strength reduced by one point. To simulate the retired state of the Enterprise, the following modifiers are in effect:
  • All Shields are reduced to 30 points.

  • Torpedo Tube 1 is unusable (but may be used as a damage sink).

  • Phaser banks 4, 5,6, and 7 are replaced by medium disrupters.

  • Phaser banks 8 and 9 are replaced by light disrupters.

  • Maximum of 10 Photon Torpedoes only.

Victory Conditions
For both sides, this is both business and personnel. A victory is scored if you outlast the opposition

Historical Outcome
After knocking Drake off his trajectory, the two vessels circle in the plasma drift looking for each other. Eventually Drake’s vessel locates the Enterprise, and overloads its shields with a photon torpedo. Drake watches as the Enterprise is consumed by the plasma, only to have his victory turn to ashes as he learns that Kirk’s crew was beamed aboard the Excelsior. After waiting too long in the plasma drift, the Klingon vessel is unable to effectively vent its impulse exhaust, and when Drake orders full impulse the vessel is destroyed.

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