Last Updated October 29, 2005

House Corrino


Taking its name for the great victory at Corrin several thousand years ago that brought it to the Lion Throne, House Corrino has had a steady grip on the reigns of government ever since. Imperial leadership has shown to be politically adroit, and is often considered by historians to be as significant a factor as their dreaded Sardaukar legions in maintaining the stability of the Imperium. Corrino is nothing if not pragmatic, and balancing the egos and aspirations of the various power factions in the Imperium ensures their continued preeminence among houses.


A House Corrino fleet on the move normally means the impending invasion of an unruly system, as the Imperial fleet acts as the punisher for those members of the Landsraad who break the Great Conventions or anger the Guild. Lasgun Frigates and Assault Cruisers are the favorite vessels of the Corrino fleet, and they often deploy armored Monitors in orbit around rebellious worlds as reminders of Imperial authority. The Golden Lion Battlecruiser is rarely employed, but is the only true dreadnought in the Imperium.

The Sardaukar play an important role in Corrino fleet deployments, and it has been a tactic to widely employ boarding actions to ensure their superior troop capabilities influence the battle ever since the battle of Bela Tegeuse when the legendary Burseg Tesk integrated it into their doctrine.

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