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House Atreides


Known for their benevolent and wise rule, the Dukes of Caladan have transformed a sleepy fishing and agricultural fiefdom into one of the foremost players in the Million Worlds. Their wisdom in running their Duchy has created a populace that adores them and cemented many alliances through the years with those that respect them for their strength and kindness. Their insight extends to the battlefield, where Atreides battle training has produced an army second only to that of the Emperor himself. Wise, successful, beloved, and strong, it was only a matter of time before the enemies of Atreides conspired to bring about their destruction.

House Atreides has a long history of service to the Imperium, but in the last few generations the schemes of the Imperial Family, the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, and their dire enemies in House Harkonnen have conspired to make the lives of the Dukes of Caladan turbulent and often short. However, in their efforts to merely protect their allies and loyal housemembers led to the assumption of the Atreides lineage to the Lion Throne, and the birth of the Kwasitz Haderach.


The Dukes of Caladan know well the need for naval vessels to protect the skies of their water duchy from the schemers of the Imperium. This was shown to be doubly true after the invasion of Ix by the machinations of members of the Imperial line and the Bene Tleixalu. The Atreides Fleet is built for versatility, and employs many escort and screening vessels in order to maximize their tactical flexibility. The standard Landsraad Ixian frigate is a mainstay, and is often accompanied by many Escort Corvettes and Shielded Cutters. They also utilize many of the missile variants and believe in a long range ballistic ability to keep marauders away from their ships. The Atreides special relationship with the Ixian shipwrights has paved the way for the House’s signature vessel, the Atreides Battle Frigate. Finally House Atreides has a powerful militia made up of their loyal bondsmen, with the Guardian Rescue Ship, its conversion the Auxilliary Patrol Carrier, the Militia Torpedo Cutter, and the potent Waveskimmer Fighters.

House Atreides unique elite officers include the Ginaz Swordmaster and the Holtzman Shield Officer.

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