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Bene Tleilaxu Order


The Ghola Masters of the Imperium, the Bene Tleixalu are a secretive order on the edge of respectability. With unparalleled ability at genetic manipulation, the Bene Tleilaxu have mastered many dark secrets, including the ability to clone others from but a strand of hair, or unleashing the shape shifting Face Dancers who can cause unprecedented chaos among any foe. Their powers are many and unexpected, their motivations obscure. However if the citizens of the Imperium knew what their Gholas and Face Dancers were grown from, the horrid Axotl tanks would likely be the downfall of the order.

The Bene Tleilaxu at their heart are conspirators. Their machinations have ranged from the attempt of the creation of an artificial replacement for the Spice Melange to outright conspiracy and treason against the Kwisatz Haderach when he assumed the mantle of the Emperor. The Bene Tleilaxu long ago created their own messiah. They have little wish to live through another one.


While not as unremittingly neutral as their rivals the Bene Gesserit, the Bene Tleilaxu do not wish to gain the attention that a large fleet would attract. Instead, they focus on smaller ships spread out through many client systems, and have developed a network of ships that could be assembled quickly if necessary. The Bene Tleixalu shun large capital ships, and should treat any capital ship as one level of rarity more than normal for a House fleet. Their stealth fleets normally revolve around one capital ship such as a Frigate or Assault Cruiser, with multiple corvettes, escorts and cutters providing the bulk of their fleet.

The Stealth Destroyer of the Bene Tleixalu is a potent vessel, and the espionage excellence of the Facedancers allowed for the creation of their Prism Frigate.

Bene Tleixalu unique elite characters include Facedancers and the dreaded Beloved Ghola.

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