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Last Updated February 28, 2005

Orion Syndicate


The Orions are a race of green-skinned humanoids known for their dubious enterprises. For centuries, the Orions have operated in a state that can best be described as controlled anarchy. The local Orion governments control little more than the spaceports and population centers surrounding them. All other matters are handled by the corporations and syndicates operating in the region. This extreme lassez-faire attitude within Orion space makes them a popular commercial center for reputable and disreputable traders alike.

A strong black market trade is run through Orion space, including the sale of drugs, weapons, and Orion slave women. Such darker business matters are usually handled by crime syndicates operating in secret or using fake corporations as a front for their dealings. The most powerful and far reaching of these entities is the Orion Syndicate itself, a criminal organization with its fingers in illegal activities throughout the Alpha Quadrant. The Orion Syndicate is, of course, only one of hundreds of syndicates that operate throughout Orion space and beyond, but it is the most influential and the one entity that most outsiders associate with Orion society.

In 2267, the Orions attempted to sabotage the Babel Conference in order to protect their own interests. The Orions had been raiding the Coridan system, stealing valuable dilithium shipments, and it was hoped that their attack would disrupt the Coridan's admission process into the Federation. The attempt failed, and the Coridan admission into the Federation forced the Orion groups in the system to give up their lucrative endeavors lest they come under Federation attack.

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