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Ferengi Alliance


The Ferengi Alliance, a vast mercantile empire, has for centuries enjoyed strong trade relations (usually heavily in their favor) with the developing worlds and minor powers on their borders. The Ferengi Alliance governs and regulates trade within Ferengi territories. The Ferengi do not have a military arm to their government, but the plethora of well armed trade and mercenary ships give them a great pool of resources to draw on in times of crisis or emergency.

The existence of the Ferengi was a mystery to the Federation before their unexpected encounter at Delphi Ardu in 2364. It was later learned that an unknown alien vessel that attacked the U.S.S. Stargazer some years earlier at Zeta Maxia was, indeed, a Ferengi craft.

Ferenginar, the homeworld of the Ferengi people, is a wet, dismal place but is the cultural and economic center of the Ferengi Alliance, being the location of the Sacred Marketplace and the Tower of Commerce.

The Ferengi are interesting in that they did not themselves develop warp technologies, but instead purchased them from an unknown third party. This is a habit that would continue far into the future, with the Ferengi Alliance and its individual members purchasing rather than developing much of the technologies they now call their own.
The Ferengi have not enjoyed an overly warm association with the United Federation of Planets since their first contact. The Ferengi are reviled for their sexist treatment of the female portion of their population and their extreme capitalistic beliefs. Some believe that the Federation's publicly hostile stance against the Ferengi is really a byproduct of the Federation's desire to maintain a stranglehold on trade and development of their lesser member worlds.

The Ferengi were one of the few Alpha Quadrant races not involved in the Dominion War. This spared them the devastation suffered by the participants of that conflict. During that time the Ferengi Alliance was going through major political, social, and economic upheaval brought on by reforms instituted by Grand Nagus Zek. It is unknown what ramifications the Zek's policies will have on the future of the Ferengi Alliance, nor is it entirely certain in which direction Grand Nagus Rom will lead the Ferengi in the future.

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