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The Andorians are a blue-skinned race of aliens from the Epsilon Eridani star system. Staunch supporters of the Federation, the Andorians were one of its founding members.

In the days before the founding of the United Federation of Planets, the Andorians were viewed as a loose cannon in the region. The Andorians had been involved in a drawn out series of border disputes against the Vulcans that ended in several minor conflicts along the Andorian/Vulcan border.

Within the Federation the Andorians became well known for their efficiency in ship construction, Andorians winning many lucrative Federation ship building contracts.

During the Dominion War the Andorians fought alongside other Federation members. At the bleakest point in the war Dominion forces were close to attacking the Andorian homeworld.


The Andorian military is well developed and have traditionally used bleeding edge technologies whenever possible. The designs produced for Starfleet use by the Andorians tend to be much more subdued than the versions that they operate in their planetary defense forces.

Pure Andorian fleets tend to maximize available heavy weapons mounts at the cost of taxing the ship's reactor. It was because of this propensity for overpowering their ships that early Andorian designs were able to hold their own against their Vulcan contemporaries.

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