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Last Updated June 24, 2007
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Make contact with 76 alien races.
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Son'a Destroyer

Son'a Destroyer

Planetside is a doorway to new worlds. Through this gateway you can explore new territories, learn the histories of empires as you watch them rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Planetside is devoted to expanding the horizons of the Babylon 5 Wars tabletop miniature game system through creating new experiences and new races for use within that game system.

New Beginnings - Great Machine - Issue 19
New Beginnings - Great Machine - Issue 19
The Fate of Planetside
I haven't updated the site for quite awhile, and really haven't been in a B5W mood lately. What should happen to this site?

Delete it all, I hate it.
(43 votes - 1.3%)
OMG! Planetside is u5ed bi S0ny11! ju sux0rz
(39 votes - 1.2%)
Update the damn thing, you dirty ape!
(1662 votes - 51.8%)
Just leave it be. I want the information archived.
(748 votes - 23.3%)
Redesign the site to be more user friendly.
(127 votes - 4%)
Convert it all into a Wiki so we can all take care of it.
(589 votes - 18.3%)

Total Votes: 3210

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