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Last Updated April 20, 2005
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Escalation Wars

Solassi Republic  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Valdai Battleship Capital Ship 1964 1050 PDF v1
Relann Heavy Escort Fighter Heavy Fighter 1824 70 PDF v1
Relassi Medium Fighter Medium Fighter 1814 46 PDF v1
Shochlar Escort Carrier Heavy Combat Vessel 1738 300 PDF v1
Kalinin Heavy Cruiser Capital Ship 1725 525 PDF v1
Chalon Escort Destroyer Heavy Combat Vessel 1719 350 PDF v1
Rotallin Destroyer Heavy Combat Vessel 1713 400 PDF v1
Tovlan Supply Ship Heavy Combat Vessel 1709 285 PDF v1
Covassna Battleship Capital Ship 1672 660 PDF v1
Cerbul Defense Satellites OSAT 1665 180 PDF v1
Tolavim Light Cruiser Heavy Combat Vessel 1653 415 PDF v1
Qusarra Medium Fighter Medium Fighter 1637 35 PDF v1

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