Ships of the Fleet 

Last Updated October 29, 2005
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Landsraad (Minor Houses)  
Ship Name
SCS Ver.
Landsraad Ixian Fleet Carrier Capital Ship 9995 705 PDF v3
Landsraad Ixian Amtal Export Fighter Medium Fighter 9990 38 PDF v1
Landsraad Richese Missile Corvette Medium Ship 9985 435 PDF v2
Landsraad Shielded Cutter Light Combat Vessel 9965 225 PDF v2
Landsraad Ixian Lasgun Frigate Capital Ship 9933 535 PDF v2
Landsraad Ixian Frigate Capital Ship 9900 500 PDF v2
Landsraad Assault Lighter Light Combat Vessel 9875 150 PDF v2
Landsraad Richese Padishah Superiority Fighter Medium Fighter 9850 55 PDF v2
Landsraad Richese Shirkhan Assault Fighter Medium Fighter 9820 60 PDF v2
Landsraad Missile Cutter Light Combat Vessel 9805 225 PDF v2
Landsraad Owl Scout Fighter Super-Heavy Fighter 9742 75 PDF v1
Landsraad Ixian Escort Corvette Medium Ship 9712 380 PDF v2
Landsraad Escort Barge Heavy Combat Vessel 9653 300 PDF v1
Landsraad Ixian Assault Cruiser Capital Ship 9610 600 PDF v3
Landsraad Veritas Scout Tender Medium Ship 9525 275 PDF v1
Landsraad Ixian Armored Monitor Capital Ship 9475 820 PDF v4
Landsraad Sirat Light Fighter Light Fighter 9425 29 PDF v1

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