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Landsraad (Minor Houses)


These are the warships available to all Houses in the Imperium.

With the Guild's monopoly in FTL travel, they have been able to dictate the terms of spacefaring conflict for millenia. While they acknowledge the need for release war can provide, the strict dictates of Kanly, the rules of House Warfare, determine the legalities of battle in the Imperium.

The Guild Peace ensures that no threat comes to the great Spacing Guild Heighliners that ply the space lanes.

Due to this, most warships in the Imperium are manufactured from a primary source, the machine world of Ix, and sold to the various houses of the Landsrad.

House Richese is the only rival of Ix, and has some generally accepted designs as well. They are particularly known for their space superiority fighters and skill in miniaturization.


Several factors mark the battlefleets of the Imperium.

1) None of the ships are FTL capable, they rely on the enormous Guild Heighliners for system to system transport.

2) Naval weaponry is largely limited by the Emperor and the Guild's vested interest in limiting threats to the Heighliners. Matter, Ballistic, and Lasgun weapons are the most common.

3) The Holtzman shield is the primary defensive weapon, though many ships employ defensive interception. The Holtzman Shield reacts with a fusion explosion when it interacts with a Lasgun beam. This means smaller warships are utilized in larger numbers than most ships, as Fleet Mentats rarely wish to risk Holtzman reactions on large hulls.

4) Computers are limited due to the war against the sentient AIs in the Imperiums faded past. As a result, Sensor ratings are normally low and almost always antiquated. However, individual human abilities have been honed as most navies employ Mentats, and the rate of elite officers is high.

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