Last Updated October 29, 2005

IX (House Vernius)


The artificers and machinists of the Imperium, the House of Ix has shown itself to be complacent with its place in the social hierarchy. However, despite their relative lack of ambition compared to other powers, personal matters and the manipulations of other Great Houses have conspired in the recent past to wrest control of Ix from its hereditary nobility. In large part due to fears of Ix violating the Great Proscriptures and creating a machine in the image of the mind of a man, Ix has proven vulnerable to other political factions and is not considered one of the Great Houses.

However, those who would have truck with their enemies should be reminded that where the masters of the machines reside. House Ix has been caught off-guard by their enemies in the past. They have no intention of allowing it to happen again.


In the past Ixian defenses were limited to a few shielded cutters and various defense lighters, as the Ixians believed that their role as manufacturer to the Imperium and the nature of their subterranean home would protect them. They have since learned the error of their ways.

After the Atreides crusade to reclaim the Ixian homeworld for its noble masters, the Ixians have kept more of their products for themselves instead of selling them to the highest bidder. The Ixian Fleet has one great strength that has been revealed to no one outside of their inner circles; Ixian ships have been upgraded with expert computer systems to resolve their sensor array issues. House Vernius has created several new designs to protect their homeland, including the Overseer Scout, the Kanly Assault Fighter and the Freyn Hunter-Seeker.

Ixian unique expert characters include the Ixian Shipwright, Holtzan Shield Technician, and as the sole masters of machinery in this galaxy they are the only faction that can deploy Expert Engineers, Expert Technicians, Expert Elint Officers, and Expert Electricians.

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