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House Ordos


House Ordos is one of the most mysterious of the great Houses. Run by a cartel of businessmen from the ice planet of Draconis IV, Ordos has managed to keep the identities of those who run the cartel secret from even those lucky enough to be stockholders in the House. Intrigue and espionage are the watchwords of the day in Ordos, and the ability to keep informed and aware of the politics of domination in the House are absolutely critical to the members continued survival among the constantly changing politics.

The Cartel has managed to gain influence in many business ventures, even though the House has relatively few direct investments. However, their ability to control the process of business and their expertise in influencing and managing outside investments are impressive. House Ordos also is known to be a shrewd and calculating organization, and their amoral point of reference means that they can act with ethical flexibility. Penetrating business practices, cunning intrigue and even overt conflict are all employed on a regular basis among the House. When they choose to engage physical force during their dealings House Ordos is known for its mastery of ballistic weaponry, and the House Ordos Missile Cruiser is renowned for its complicated and multi-tiered missile suites. Expert Quartermasters often provide House Ordos with superior weapons load outs, and their famed Deviator missiles can create many dangers for enemy crews as the chemical and psychological weapons cause many unusual problems for crew integrity.


The Ordos fleet is respected among the major houses, and the ballistic heavy doctrine they utilize causes a great deal of consternation for most adversaries. The main weapon utilized by the Cartelís fleet is the Richese Missile Corvette and the Generic Missile Cutter, with an assortment of different missile ordnance. Basic, Flash, Heavy, Anti-Fighter, Long-Range, Harm (X), Chaff, Antimine, Antimissile, and Jammer are all commonly used. House Ordos also commonly utilizes the Generic Assault Cutter for boarding purposes and the Ixian Escort Corvette for interception for the larger ships. Their basic fighter is the Sirat Interceptor.

The true strength of the Ordos fleet however lies in two of their home built designs. The House Ordos Missile Cruiser is the most dangerous ballistic vessel in the Imperium. And the Ordos Taqwa Missile Fighter is an efficient weapons platform capable of delivering a consistent deluge of missiles.

Unique expert characters for the House Ordos faction include the Expert Quartermaster and Expert Ballistics Officer.

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