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House Harkonnen


Controlling an empire based on fear and uncertainty from their Siridar Fief of Geidi Prime, House Harkonnen has come to be regarded as the most amoral of all the Houses of the Landsraad. Made rich by the control of the Spice Trade of Arrakis, the Harkonnens have reached the uppermost reaches of power in the Imperium. The cunning treachery of Baron Vladimar Harkonnen and the brutal thuggery of the Beast Rabban ensure that the Harkonnens will do anything to remain at the top of Dune’s hierarchy. This combination ensured their action when the Emperor removed the charter for spice production from Harkonnen and granted it to Atriedes, beginning the cycle of events that led to the destruction of House Atreides and the coming of the Kwisatz Haderach.


A Harkonnen fleet is built on the principle of pure power, the larger and nastier the vessel the more it excites the Harkonnen admiralty. Their best known and respected ship, the Line Frigate, is a powerful reminder of the ferocity of their leadership. In addition, the Admiralty has been very supportive of the Lasgun Frigate design, as an example of their preference for overt force over subtlety in their engagements.

In addition the Harkonnens have helped develop the Ixian fleet carrier that the shipwrights have been trying to pass by the Guild bureaucracy. The Harkonnen have also stolen the No-Cloak technology from Richese, granting them an enormous advantage in stealth, and their Hunter LCVs are Pennance Penal Ships give them both great versatility and enormous brutality. Their favorite fighter design, the Defiler, is intended for pure inimidation.

Harkonnen unique elite characters include the Twisted Mentat and the Beast Planetary Governor.

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