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The descendants of the Zensunni wanderers, whose epic tale of forced migration at the hands of the Corrino Emperor has become the stuff of legend, the Fremen have been vastly underestimated over the years. The combination of the harsh survival requirements of Arrakis and their focused strength of will dominated by Zensunni doctrine has made for the most formidable race of humans in the Imperium. Little was known of their capabilities until their might was unleashed by Paul Maudídib against the Emperor and his Harkonnen lackies.


In the early years the Fremen have no standing navy. In the days of Maudídibís Jihad they used commandeered Guild and House ships, which were normally commanded but not crewed by the Fremen. The Fremen soldiers often act as marine contingents among aligned fleets, particularly in assault cruisers, assault lighters, and breaching pods. However, during the days of the Great Jihad there were two ships pressed into service as troop transports that came to be synonymous with the Fremen threat - the Fremen Assault Tranport and Jihad Assault Shuttles. Fremen shuttle pilots were known especially for their bravery and skill.

Fremen elite characters include the Fremen Naib (Warrior-Chieftan), Baraka (Zensunni Holy Man), Redline pilot (Assault Shuttles only), and Warrior (per Drazi elite character in the RC).

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