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Combine Honnete Ober Advancer Mercantiles

A conglomeration of the great Merchantile Houses of the Imperium, CHOAM is a subtle and often overlooked player in the ebb and flow of power in the Million Worlds. CHOAM like most economic entities primarily desires stability and the continuation of the status quo, as this ensures their continued dominance in their chosen realm. However, in an economy dominated by the distribution of the spice Melange, even the great wealth of the members of CHOAM can be affected by the whirls and upheavals of the Spice trade.


The Inspection fleet of CHOAM is supposed to be limited to system defense and tariff enforcement, but has grown to reach far beyond those dictates. Enormous shielded monitors can be employed to inter entire star systems, and the reach of CHOAM customs ships pervades the Imperium. To this point the excesses of the CHOAM Inspection fleet has been overlooked primarily because of the economic might of the houses CHOAM represents, and the fact that they have backed down during their minor conflicts over the years with the Great Houses. This is in large part due to the political factionalism within CHOAM itself, and the fact that so often the divergent groups within the mercantile alliance pull it in different directions. However House Mentats have long since calculated that should CHOAM unite over any one issue, their fleet would be the equal of any great house and their holdings would be greater than any one other faction.

CHOAM makes extensive use of the Shielded Monitor as the core of its fleet. CHOAM Customs Corvettes are ubiquitous through spice, and have often had run-ins with the infamous Spice Smugglers. And the Silat Light Fighter is a common sight being deployed from CHOAM warships.

CHOAM's unqiue expert officers include the CHOAM Financier, and the Quartermaster.

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